An update from Rosie’s new family:

I was never a dog person. I am a cat person. But, my husband had always wanted a dog. With a 32 acre backyard, we have no shortage of space, and I had no excuses left, so after years of resistance I reluctantly gave in and agreed to get an OUTDOOR dog.

I saw an ad for Rosie on TradeMe. Her bio said she was an older dog who loved sunshine, sleeping and food. We love sunshine, sleeping and food! We are also first time dog owners and full time workers so Rosie sounded like the ideal laid-back dog for us. We went and met her and her foster Mum, Felicity, at the dog park. You know how I said I wasn’t a dog person… Well that changed pretty quickly after meeting Rosie.

She is such a sweetheart. Big, happy, well behaved (mostly), with the softest ears you’ll ever feel. I was hooked and we agreed that Rosie might just be the one. Rosie came for a trial with us two weeks before Christmas, 2015. DRD were great – they supplied everything Rosie needed (even the food) and put absolutely no pressure on us to adopt. It was just as important to them as it was to us that we find the right dog. As newby dog parents it was ideal. Our ‘outdoor’ dog didn’t spend a single night outside. She spent the first night in the garage and the
next three nights in the spare room, before permanently moving into the lounge. By this time we knew she was here to stay. And it’s like she’s always been part of the family. Even the cat tolerates her now (Lolli the cat tolerates almost nothing so this is huge progress!). Rosie is just an amazing dog. Yes, she sheds A LOT (I vacuum a lot), and she will steal the cat food if she can, but she’s so sweet she gets away with it all.

Her favourite pastimes at her new home are lying in the boot of the car in the sunshine and going for walks with us around our fields (she loves to rub her face in fresh cow pats, much to our delight). She spends days lying in the back of the car with the wind blowing through her ears, gazing out at the ocean. She spends nights with her chin nestled in our laps, soaking up pats and cuddles. And she loves to chew bones –as do our chickens it turns out. Often she’ll be chewing one end of her bone while a few hens peck at the other end – and she puts up with it. She is a very gentle soul indeed.
Thank you DRD for helping us find Rosie. She is much more than a pet to us, she is our big furbaby. She really is the most special dog we could have hoped for.

-Nas Shannon (Rosie’s Mum)

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