Aly first caught my eye when I saw a photo of her running down the beach. This immediately made me laugh out loud as I could see she certainly had a spritely, vibrant personality. Just what we were looking for in a dog as sadly our previous dog had recently passed away and I missed the energy that she gave to our household.

Aly has really settled well into her new home, this has certainly been with many adventures along the way! Aly’s favourite pass time is chasing birds and jet boats! She has also learned to swim and loves to fetch sticks and long walks in the evenings are also mandatory! Aly is very energetic but also loves her naps and sleeping in everyday!  She has a beautiful nature and has become a great companion for our older dog TJ. Aly gets compliments everywhere we go about how good looking she is…and she knows it! Right from the start we knew Aly was the dog for us, so the initial trial period didn’t last long!

Thank you so much to Aly’s foster family for caring for her and to Dunedin Dog Rescue for saving unwanted dogs like Aly from the pound. We feel very privileged to have her in our lives.

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