Archie (formerly Sid)
Archie (formerly Sid) now enjoys living by the beach in Nelson. Here’s an update from his new Mum and Dad :-
Thought it was about time we gave you a success story for Archie, formally known as “Sid”.
We were told that we were the first “failed walkers” when we got Archie, as we found that we couldn’t just be his walker when we met him. Archie is now a Nelson boy, he was skinny when we got him and anxious when left at home alone, however with crate training, reassurance and time, he is now a different boy. Whilst in Dunedin we took Archie to many of the dog parks,  working him through agility courses (which he is very good at!), we found that it was the beach he loved the most. He is also VERY ball/stick orientated. Archie is super spoilt, most of his excercise consists of going to the local Tahunanui beach where he runs up and down greeting other dogs, and bombing into the ocean after his ball. Archie is a big lovable goober with the most expressive eye brows, and is always down for a cuddle on the couch. We wouldn’t have him any other way, he has no doubt brought us so much happiness and entertainment 😀

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