Everyone else was ready for a new puppy/dog to belong with us and be part of our family again. The pressure came on, but was allayed and withstood for over 2 years. The grief of our previous dogs’ loss, and the workload and cost of owning a dog kept my resolve until December 2014 when Elsie saw Billy on the DRD website.  The pressure intensified – all three teenagers and their father were smitten – by a photo! And the profile written by Michelle.- “He’s perfect for us Mum! Look! Great with cats, chickens and sheep! And he’s so adorable!”

I relented and made contact with DRD. Disappointment and tears – he was on trial. We were certain he would be adopted… who wouldn’t want Billy!! Suddenly some hope- Billy had been returned; again hopes dashed as another adopting family was ahead of us. Surely he wouldn’t be returned twice. More tears and distress!  Two weeks later an email – are we still interested? Billy was being returned AGAIN! What was wrong with him?! I was somewhat hesitant, but the collective pressure reached a crescendo from the others and we drove to Dunedin to meet and collect him for our own trial.

Billy made an immediate impact – so sweet natured and attuned to others around him. Totally adorable and handsome. Very social while also seeming to be calm & placid. What a great mix!   He was undoubtedly distressed by all his moves and clearly happy to be reunited with Michelle and his Foster family, so leaving there with him three weeks ago felt slightly uncaring of his needs. It certainly took a week of loving attention, fun and firm rules before it felt like Billy had fully relaxed with us.

He is now loved and embraced by all in our family – even the cats are calm and almost playful, and the sheep assessing the new ‘wolf’ in our family with less caution. Billy is here to stay forever and we feel blessed.

Thanks to DRD and in particular Michelle and Laura who clearly laid ‘special’ groundwork for us with Billy as a young puppy.

Kind regards to all
Mary and Billy’s family

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