Hi, my name is Buddy and I have been adopted by a family in Herbert, North Otago. I just love living in the country – so many birds to chase and rodents to hunt down. My new best friend PER has been showing me the ropes and I
helped him catch a rat just last week they haven’t got a chance now that there is two of us. We have a great time exploring, playing rough and tumble and even tug, the only thing I don’t understand is why he thinks all the toys are his?!! My new mum and dad are treating me well and take me for walks every day sometimes they get on their bikes and race me around the paddock, I always win though. Sometimes when I have been rolling in the sweet squishy cow poo I get told off and get put in the bath. Its not too bad, lovely and warm and then cuddled up in front of the fire in my own bed. Life is good but I need to work on my recall and meeting strangers, I am trying though. I want to thank Jen South at Dunedin Doggie Rescue for finding me a forever home and Susan for looking after me In between. Buddy

PS. That’s me with the ears on the right and my mate Per in the photo

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