Stan and Cheeky Charlie

Stan is an 86 year old widower and Cheeky Charlie is a 10 year old Golden Labrador.
Stan shifted to Mosgiel 18 months ago to be nearer family, with his 14 year old Labrador called Tyke from Lake Hawea.  Sadly Tyke passed away 8 months after his shift.  Stan (my dad) was devastated, lonely and craving company.  Even though I would call in every day on my way home from school to have a cuppa. It was the nights that were the worst.
Getting another dog was discussed by us all, but it had to be a Labrador, not too young and needing lots of exercise and friendly.
One Saturday outside the supermarket, I came across Dog Rescue with several dogs advertising what the public could do to support them, as they are a purely voluntary organisation.  There amongst the people and dogs was a golden Labrador sitting patiently, wagging his tail, letting everyone know he was just perfect.  He wasn’t too young or boisterous and had the kindest eyes.  Immediately, I went up to the lady and asked about him.  Felicity explained that he was being fostered by her family, but due to go to another placement in the next couple of days to see if he would be suitable.  I was quite disappointed to hear this as he would have been perfect for my dad.  She took my name and number and said she would let me know if anything changed.  I didn’t tell dad about Charlie as I didn’t want to get his hopes up.  To cut a long story short I got a ring from Felicity and Charlie was again available.
Charlie and Stan took to each other immediately.  There was a two week period of getting to know each other and they have been together ever since.  Stan lives right on the banks of the Silverstream which was a great temptation to Charlie and he managed to open a gate, (now locked) chewed through two fences (now Charlie proof).
He sleeps on Stans bed at  night, has made himself very comfortable on the new lounge suite (with covers on it), goes up the street with Stan in the truck (never left at home) and loves greeting each dog walker and dog at the fence with tail wagging and lots of loves.
Stan and Cheeky Charlie will make a great pair in to their twilight years.


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