Arlin is a very special, cuddly girl, she is deaf. She is incredibly sweet and loyal to her humans, she LOVES EVERYONE but is understandably a little scared of new things and other dogs. Poor wee Arlin has been through a bit of a tough time in her short life and really need the right family that has time and patience to give her support, training and as much love as she has to give. She will make a fantastic companion dog for someone looking for a best friend.

Arlin is smart and is learning her own version of sign language. Ideally she will go to a home where her humans can be firm and set good ground rules and also spend lots of time with her as she is not keen on being left alone, although she is getting used to it. We will provide as much support as needed to help her settle in to your home and you will receive at least 2 free training sessions with her.

Here is what you need to know about sweet Arlin:

  • She is very easy to train as is she smart and is very focused on food and you
  • She enjoys playing fetch and having a good run around in a safe environment
  • Her sense of smell is amazing
  • She is the biggest cuddle monster and just wants to be with you 100% of the time for reassurance and love
  • She is unsure of other dogs and can be a little unpredictable and reactive with them as she gets spooked out. She is slowly learning to trust with lots of positive experiences and is more confident with smaller dogs.
  • Arlin is a sassy, funny girl and is learning rules and boundaries around when it is time to play, etc. she will need these rules and boundaries reinforced in her forever home¬†