Baxter is adorable, he has such a nice nature, is gentle, sweet, great with kids and other dogs. He is still young and playful so will need a decent sized backyard, plenty of playing, running and stimulation. Baxter came to us without any idea how to be a doggo and he is learning how to jump into a car, come to his name, sit, etc. He is great on the lead but gets spooked by new things. Just as well he is smart and trusting. He loves to sniff EVERYTHING. He seems to be okay with cats so far. Bax will need a little patience, lots of love and a few months to continue his learning but if you have the time to invest in him he will return this with faithful and loyal love. It would be even better if you had a fur bro or sis for him as he loves to play.

Breed: Beardie Collie X

Sex: Male

Age: approx 3 years