BOYD – On adoption trial

Boyd is a mature, handsome gentleman. Called, ‘Boydie’ by his adoring foster family, he is nine years old – a labrador / mastiff cross.

Boydie is a gentle, quiet sweetheart. His fur is velvety and he loves his throat being stroked.
Although surprisingly youthful (and strong!) for a nine year old, this special dog likes to spend most of his time sunbathing outside or sleeping in his bed. He loves to cuddle on the couch with his human but as a perfect gentleman, he always waits to be invited.
As part labrador, Boydie is very food driven but he waits politely to be fed and never steals food. He also waits for his human to go first through doors and gates. He is very good at sitting and shaking hands/paws!
Boydie’s Staffy foster sister sets the rules and he is happy to follow her lead. Being a cuddle-muffin, he hopes she will curl up with him one day!
Boydie loves to wrestle with his staffy sister and they like to play chase through the house and around the yard, but once a day is enough for him (no arthritis here)!
Boydie’s foster mother works full-time and he is content spending the day sleeping in the lounge with his sister, listening to the radio. Sometimes they like to sunbathe outside too!
Boyd has not experienced being protected by his humans and he is not a confident dog. He feels most secure inside and in an enclosed yard. Despite this, Boydie is completely reliable and patient with all ages of human, including babies!
For the first time in his life, Boydie is being taken on walks and given guidance. The bush, beaches, parks and streets are scary, new experiences for him, although his confidence is growing and he loves car trips! Despite his size, Boydie is scared of unknown dogs. His anxiety can be managed with treats and reassurance but this will need ongoing work.
Boydie has a sweet, gentle soul. He can be quite subdued in a new, confusing environment and gets confidence from being able to follow the lead of a dog-sibling.
Boydie deserves to feel secure, protected and adored in his retirement years. If you have the time to dedicate to helping Boydie overcome his fears, you will be richly rewarded with this beautiful dog’s loyalty and affection.