BUSTER -Available For Adoption

Buster is an absolutely beautiful dog, inside and out. He is the most innocent, loving, gentle natured boy you could meet. He loves kids and being with his people and gives the best cuddles.
Buster didn’t really know much about being a doggo until recently…. apart from to play. He is really great at high energy playtime with other dogs and will even submit when told off.
He has learnt so much in the short time he has been with us, he is very easy to teach and will do anything for a treat.  He has learnt many things from his older foster brother and relies on him for direction and support.
Buster will need patient and consistent parents as he is still learning. He is just a big goofy puppy. He will benefit from living in an active home and another playful dog (that he won’t annoy with his play antics) that can continue to teach him the ropes and play with him would be amazing. Please only apply if you have another dog that Buster can be with or you are home most of the day. He becomes very anxious when left without a companion.
Buster is 99% toilet trained now, he loves to have a chat with you, making all the noises he can. He likes to sleep in his crate and he shares all his toys, bones and food. He is a bigger dog and very athletic and energetic so please only apply if you can provide enough exercise for him and have time to continue his training.
Buster is just an absolute delight and deserves a much better life than what he has started out with.