Introducing Chase

Chase is an approx 3yrs old Mastiff x lab, he is desexed.

Chase is a very lovable boy with the sweetest nature, he is a big smoocher and very chilled in the home. What Chase really needs is to find his forever home. So what does Chase’s forever home look like?… a nice calm home where someone is around alot of the time, or there is another dog brother/sister, probably best no felines are in residence (has a bit of learning to do around cats).

He is great with kids and other dogs.
A home with a section with good secure fencing and preferably with a bit of privacy would be perfect. Ideally the section would be cut off/separate from the neighbours comings and goings as Chase likes to let you know when there are people nearby. Yes he can be a bit of a wally sometimes – hey no one’s perfect – and needs that special someone in his life that will show him the right way to behave in those situations that see him get over-excited.
He needs a family that can commit the time to spend with him and train him, with the right person/home this guy is going to be AWESOME!