CRUNCH – Available for Adoption

Meet Crunch aka. Stud Muffin/Cuddle Bum/Crunchie Boy!
Crunch has had a pretty hard life up until a few weeks ago when he came into the care of DRD and one of our loving fosters. He has lived most of his life on a chain and was found all alone tied to the wheel of a car. Despite what he has had to endure, our Crunchie Boy has 110% love to give! We are looking for a very special home where this fella can get all of the attention and all of the love, all of the time. He deserves to retire like a king!
Crunch will make an excellent companion dog, he will happily chill on the couch with you, his exercise requirements aren’t huge being an older dog however he does love getting out to explore and he  will need daily walks to keep his body moving. Crunch adores all people, he loves to socialise with people and has bonded deeply to the male human in his foster home.
Over the last few weeks Crunch has been a wee bit spoiled and we really want that to continue for him. He has been indulged with many awesome experiences, hot chips, roast chicken, birthday parties, stealing left overs off the coffee table (cheeky monkey), long car rides with his head out the window and playing at  the beach and in the bush. The first day we met Crunch he couldn’t understand what treats were or how to receive a pat. He has now learnt how yummy dog treats, bones and pigs ears are and how relaxing pats can be, he will roll on his back for a good belly scratch.
Crunch is very calm around the house, he is not a jumpy dog. He is food driven and according to him, you can defo. teach an old dog new tricks! His goofball streak will keep you entertained… chasing sparrows away from his bones, farting, stretching and then falling off the couch and also the huge smile he gives you. You can tell he is extremely appreciative of his new found freedom and life!
Some things you will need to consider if you would like to adopt Crunch are:
– Due to living most of his life chained Crunch hasn’t had much chance to socialise with other dogs. He does want to play with most dogs but he can get very overstimulated greeting them and doesn’t quite understand how to show doggy manners. With nice intros he can handle controlled interactions well and is happy to plod about with other dogs but he will need an experienced owner that knows how to manage his strength, exuberance and inability to control impulses. He is not the type of dog that you would take to the dog park or off lead at the beach around lots of other dogs. Crunch does do very well out and about and he regularly walks on a 10m long line, this gives him plenty of space to sniff, dig and explore while still being safe from unknown dogs. We are definitely being over cautious with his interactions as we want to keep him safe. An owner that gets to know him over a longer period of time may be able to build the trust in him to let him be off lead more frequently.
– Crunch has possibly never had to live with other dogs. Therefore we feel it is in his best interest to get all the attention and love from his human. We will only rehome him to a family where he is the only dog. He is living with chickens at the moment and has learnt to leave them alone with supervision. We haven’t seen him around cats.
– Crunch isn’t a big dog, he weighs approx 20-25kg but he certainly is a strong dog. He is making great progress with his lead walking but he will need a physically strong owner who can manage his bully breed strength.
– Being an older dog and having experienced significant trauma, Crunch comes with some old injuries and resulting skeletal issues. HIs general health is excellent for his age and there isn’t anything that stops him enjoying life at this stage but his new owner will need to be in a financial situation where they can afford high quality food, be comfortable dealing with the onset of issues such as arthritis and all that comes along with this such as physio and vet expenses. We can discuss this further with you if you are interested in adopting Crunch, trust us, he is worth it.
So, if you have considered the above and think you can exceed Crunch’s needs and offer him the best home where he is with you most of the time and you can continue to show him how great the world is then apply to adopt him now – he deserves to find his forever home – wouldn’t that be the best christmas present for him!