Dakota is a loving cuddly 1 and a half year old collie x.
She loves human companionship and thrives with someone close to her side whom she can trust. She is an energetic girl and would love a big garden to run around in or a human who can take her on big runs, but she is looking for someone who can be there with her most of the time as she can get anxious if she is left alone. She has medication for this.
Although she knows her ‘bed’ command she sometimes will try her luck for a sneaky snuggle on yours!
Dakota is good with children, she has a very gentle nature with them. She loves playing with her toys, especially ones with squeakers. Throwing around a toy and engaging with her brings her great joy and excitement.
She loves interacting with other dogs however she gets barky and would benefit from ongoing training and socialisation. She loves the dog park and her favourite place of all is the beach.
When she was younger Dakota did get into a bit of trouble with some sheep so does need strict management around livestock. She also doesn’t get on with cats.
Dakota is a dog that has so much love to give. A gentle kind girl that needs a patient owner to help her achieve her full potential.