DIESEL – On Adoption Trial


Diesel is such a lovable character. He is a very large dog but that doesn’t stop him being an incredibly gentle boy and a massive softy. Diesel absolutely loves attention and cannot get enough of it, he will parade around the room asking for cuddles from everyone. He loves meeting new people and he expects all the pats possible. If he is not getting enough attention, he will let you know.

Diesel has a great temperament, he’s very calm, he is fantastic at home and is not destructive at all. He does have some minor stress around being left alone, he doesn’t like it much and will whine when you go. This is because he was previously left alone for very long periods of time. For this reason we are looking for a family that are home a lot, maybe you work from home or are retired.
Diesel loves the car and road tripping. He also loves going for walks, however, as he is a bit older and a large dog, he doesn’t require excessive exercise. He is great on the lead and doesn’t pull. He just wants to get out of the house for a stretch and enjoy the scenery, have a sniff and mostly to meet people for pats along the way.
As much as Diesel loves human interaction, he can be weary of other dogs. He is happy to keep to himself when he is around other dogs and won’t bother them if they don’t bother him. Only sometimes, if other unknown dogs come up too close to him or are very high energy he can get a little worried. He is more likely to be stand-offish with dogs when he is with female humans as he is quite protective over women (he prefers women over men but loves all humans). He will not go out of his way to intimidate other dogs but if he feels nervous, he gets a bit growly. He will stop if you tell him too and once he has had time to get to know other dogs he is okay.
Diesel has lived with other dogs before but because of his age and the fact that he is more inclined to seek human attention we are looking for a home where diesel is the only dog, a place where he gets all of the company and attention to begin his new life of retirement. Diesel is good with cats and children.
If you are looking for a companion dog that doesn’t have huge exercise requirements and is just happy with some lovin’ and attention. Diesel could be the dog for you. He is currently fostered in Queenstown so if you live in Central Otago even better.