Gypsy is a beautiful girl who would fit perfectly into any household. She’s won over the hearts of many of our friends that have come to visit over the short time that she’s stayed here, in fact a few of our mates have outright said that they’re coming back to say hi to Gypsy and not us.

Gypsy is a socialite, she loves hanging with other dogs and does well with cats and other animals outside of humans. She also loves the beach and playing fetch in the yard. She’s a very cuddly dog, Gypsy enjoys snuggles on the couch and belly scratches whenever she can get them.

She will forever be trying to convince you that she hasn’t been fed and that the dishwasher really needs her to do a pre rinse cycle on the dishes. She’s easy to keep track of because of the noise generated from her constantly wagging tail. We hope that someone can give her a forever home that will allow her to flourish, and that anyone who gets her falls in love with her as quickly as we did.