Meet Handsome Jack. 
There is not much to say about Jack. He is a fantastic dog. A typical bull breed
dog. Sweet, cuddly, loyal, friendly and playful, silly and cheeky. Jack has a big
heart to match his big head. 
Jack is very relaxed, he loves to lie around and cruise around with you (he is a
wee bit lazy but will still need a daily walk). He is fantastic with other dogs
and from what we have seen good with cats. He can be left alone if needed. He has
great recall and will follow you.
We are looking for a companion family for Jack, hopefully with other doggos to
play with. Where Jack is currently fostered he goes everywhere with his human so
it would be unfair to place Jack in a forever home where he is left alone all day.
He would make a great builders or courier drivers mate or even could be an awesome
therapy dog as he has such a good nature.