Gin is female collie cross, she is 10 – 12 months old. Here is what she has to say about herself

Hey Humans – I am Gin!

I am probably one of the prettiest dogs you will have the chance to meet and I soooo know it! I am confident and very clever, I love to learn new tricks. I am toilet trained, know, sit, down, fetch and wait – even if food is on offer!

I am pretty accustomed to family life, I am great with children though do get a bit excitable as I sure LOVE to play! I am learning that it is not okay to jump up, I am not too strong though so this isn’t a huge problem.

I absolutely love to run…. and run. I love to be off the lead tearing around open spaces, I will stay close to you and come back when you call me, but because I am still young and full of energy I can get distracted easily, I will get better at this, promise!

I am looking for a family that can give me loads of exercise, long walks, lots of off lead running at the park (with other dogs to play with if possible). I’d probably make a really good running partner and because I am so clever and athletic I’d love for you to take me to agility training!

I do like to chase cats and chickens but only because I want to play with them, I still think they are a toy and I don’t want to eat them honest! I just need to be taught to leave them alone! I walk best on a harness as am still learning to not pull on the lead.

I love cuddles and attention and to just be with my humans, I will calmly sit with you outside if you are working or in the garden, I might even be a ‘mans dog’ and could go to work with you if that’s possible!

Anyway, enough about me, let’s meet up for a playdate, we can suss each other out and decide whether we are a good fit.

Gin x

If you would like to know more about Gin or to enquire about adopting her please fill out our online adoption form.

We ask adopters for a donation of $230 to cover costs of registration, microchipping, vaccination, health check, de-sexing, food, transport etc.