Breed: Collie/Staffy X

Sex: Male

Age: approx 12-24 months

Billy is a lovely and cuddly boy! He has the cutest face and loves to play with his human and doggy friends! Once he meets you he will be your best friend for life – he won’t leave you alone.

Billy boy had a rough start to life and has spent the last few months learning how to trust humans and what doggo life should really be like. He has come a very long way and his confidence grows more and more. He was toilet trained within a few days, knows sit, shake and down on command. He is good off the lead and plays beautifully with other dogs. Sometimes he gets a wee bit carried away on the lead and will pull to say hello to dogs. He manners are improving and with a bit more training he will know not to pull.  Billy will always come back to you when out walking – although he is sometimes easily distracted. Billy is very food driven and will therefore be easily trained to fit into your family.

Billy will need:

– A home with experienced dog owners that have the time to let him learn family routines and to train him further. Billy is still slightly nervous in new situations and will need humans that can recognise his stress signals and reassure him when he needs it

– A home where he will be a big part of the family.  Billy will be adopted to a home where he can live inside with his family. He would love a doggy brother or sister but isn’t so fond of cats.

– A home with children will be great for Billy – he loves kids but Billy may be best with slightly older children as he can be a bit boisterous. He takes food nicely and loves to play with children. He can be a bit mouthy when playing, he thinks he is still a pup.

Billy has learnt to be really relaxed around the house, he will now take himself to bed for the night and sit down with you while you go about your day. He is great in the car and will curl up on his bed when you go out. He loves routine and will be most comfortable with a fairly routine life.

We love Billy and it warms our heart to know that he was rescued from a dire situation and will now have an awesome life full of love, walks and food! It has been so pleasing to watch him learn how to live a happy doggy life in such a short time! Give him a few months of learning how you operate and what is expected of him and I reckon he will be the perfect boy (well almost).