Kora is a spritely 9 year old girl.
Kora is a big girl with a big heart. She’s a slightly older girl at 9, so is quite content lying around the home but still loves going for walks and chasing tennis balls. She’s a very human centric girl and loves having people around. Kora gets extremely excited and does a little dance whenever one of her favourite humans comes home.

Kora largely doesn’t mind other dogs, but gets a bit anxious when they bark at her or get up in her face. Kora would be best suited in a home with no other dogs or relaxed dogs. Energetic or playful dogs just aren’t her type.

Besides humans, Kora has one other love in her life: food. Kora enjoys a good meal as much as the rest of us, but can be a bit cheeky when human food it left out. Her large size means that no countertop is safe and Kora will be coming for your crackers. She’s a lovely girl and will make a great and loyal companion for any family.

She has been on hold for a bit while we got some health issues sorted. She is now fit as a fiddle but will require medication for hypothyroidism for the rest of her days. While she is an older girl she is very spritely and strong for her age. She will need an owner that can handle her strength when on lead. Best suited to a home with no cats.