Leila is a real sweetheart.  She loves human company – she’s bonded with us very quickly, particularly with her male fosterer.
She is high energy, and very intelligent. Leila loves playing with her tug toys/rope and soccer ball, and is in the habit of waiting beside them when she wants to play.  She responds to praise more than treats, but can’t go past a good chunky bone which she will also bury, so nobody can find it!.
She is very well behaved and a fast learner, knowing basic commands of sit, wait, drop and come (and working on mastering her high-five skills) but all these will need continuous training. Leila has done well with her crate training, she sleeps inside her crate at night and stays in it for short periods of time while we are out of the house.
Leila will need to be an only dog, or go to a home with other dogs with an owner that is extremely committed and experienced with working with resource guarding of people and food.
She is very active and playful and would suit someone/a couple who have no children who love to get out on regular adventures such as forest walks, running or biking, and a home where she is not alone for long periods of time.