Approx 1 year old, female mixed breed.

Lucy is the most gorgeous girl, with a beautiful (if cheeky at times) personality! Lucy’s foster family have fallen in love with her and would LOVE to keep her but they are not in a position to do so. So Lucy is now looking for a family to call her own.

Lucy deserves a family that will spend lots of time with her. She is a gentle, loving girl and thrives on attention. While she can be slightly shy at first, once she’s had a few head scratches or a treat she will be your new best friend and cuddle companion. In her foster home she has opened up to become the most cuddly girl, snuggling into you whenever the opportunity arises.

Tennis balls are here absolute favourite thing in the world, and she will constantly drop balls at your feet in case you forget, or 9 times out of 10 will have a ball in her mouth. She is also very food driven and trainable. Lucy loves long walks, or running around in the backyard doing zoomies. She has great recall off the lead and is excited to meet other dogs. While Lucy will need her exercise she isn’t a high energy dog and is happy to chill out at home with her humans too.

Lucy loves to be around people as much as possible, and will barge into a room if she thinks she’s missing out on fun, however if she has a bone or ball she is content out in the yard alone! One of the most endearing things about Lucy is her human like expressions, and the sighs and eye rolls if she doesn’t get her way, definitely a headstrong wee girl.

Lucy can be left alone in the house, she is not destructive at all. It would be best if she goes to a home where she will stay indoors when her humans are out as she will bark if she is left alone outdoors and she feels more confident indoors. She will need fencing that is at least 1.6m high as she is a bigger dog.

We are unsure what she is like with cats and Lucy will only be rehomed to a family with older children (no toddlers) as she likes to bounce around and play.

If you think you can offer Lucy all the love, companionship and fun that she deserves please do apply to adopt her. She will certainly reciprocate those things for her forever family.