The combination of breeds giving Mabel her stunning appearance is anyone’s guess, but what we do know is she’s a fantastic dog that will be an awesome addition to someone’s family.

We’ve had the opportunity to get to know her very well and can’t speak highly enough about her. Although she is approximately one year old, she is well-mannered, obedient and a very quick learner. Someone has clearly put some hard work into her training during the past year. Her name recognition and recall are very good, and she is polite around other dogs. Her leash manners are coming along nicely too.

Mabel is a medium-energy dog that has excellent social skills, so she could be easily integrated into a household that already has another dog. She has been tested in a number of environments with dogs big and small and has passed with flying colours. Her behaviour around cats is untested.

Mabel will be best suited in a home where she is initially not left on her own for long periods of time as she doesn’t like being left alone yet. With effective and gradual training, this is only a temporary hurdle to overcome.

She has a mellow and gentle demeanour and will steal your heart within moments of meeting her.