PLEASE NOTE – MACEY is a cutie, but has some very special needs – please only enquire if you can fulfil the following requirements :-

Macey is a foxy x, she is a small dog (under 15kgs) and about 12months old. Macey is a wee cracker of a dog, full of personality.

She is good with other dogs in fact would be probably be better suited in a home with a dog pal. Is fine with cats. At the moment she is living with 3 small dogs and a cat. 

Macey does have good recall unless she sees another dog then she just wants to go and say hello, her super-excitability when she sees another dog does need working on. She can be an escape artist especially if she sees something on the other side pf the fence she wants to get to she will find any little gap to squeeze through and has been known to climb over fences as well. So Macey’s new home MUST have good secure fencing

Macey is a very social girl so a home where there is another dog would be good. She will not suit a home where she is left on her own for long periods of time. 

She is a very active wee girl and requires a home which will be able to provide her with the physical and mental stimulation she needs. She LOVES to run and tear around chasing tennis balls, not bringing them back but hiding them all around the garden. 

She is a bouncy thing who can get very excited so would not suit a home with young children, a home with older children would be fine but a calm environment would suit her best. 

Macey is a sweet affectionate wee girl who loves everyone, she can be timid in new situations but once she’s comfortable she is a real sweetheart. She is crate trained but prefers her basket.

Her new home MUST have –

  1. Good secure fencing
  2. Owner(s) who are dedicated to giving her the physical and mental stimulation she needs
  3. Give her the companionship she needs