Matai is a 10-12 month old Mastiff cross.  He won’t take long to find his forever home as he is such a good boy with great play skills and a gentle nature. Matai is a big SOOK!

He is very laid back, initially he is a little timid with a very friendly nature.  He still looks and acts like a puppy and is learning basic commands at the moment which he is responding well to.  His new owner will be able to carry this training forward with ease.

Matai is good at socialising with other dogs. He loves to run around with other dogs and knows when to back off. He also loves having a play with his carers, with or without toys.

He is showing great signs of loyalty and is comfortable around lots of people.

If you want a companion at work and at home Matai would be the ideal dog for you.  It would be great if you had a job where he could be with you, out and about, where he will stick by your side with or without a lead.  Matai will be a great companion for his lucky new owner.