Beardie x, approx. 2yrs old

Nala is a sweet, affectionate girl who has so much love to give. Once bonded with her person, she will be the most loyal & loving companion.

Nala currently lives with a family with 3 kids (ages 9, 5 & 3) on a rural lifestyle block. She has been great with the kids, always gentle, patient & affectionate no matter how noisy they are or how many times they trip over her as she lounges across the living room floor! Nala is calm indoors & enjoys snoozing by the fire with the other family dogs.

Nala is a very special girl & has so much potential . However, she suffers from anxiety & does not know how to cope with her big emotions. Nala will require a specific environment to help her thrive.

Things that Nala loves:
– People big & small, she loves them all ❤️
– Cuddles & snuggles
– A warm spot in your home where she can be part of the family.
– A safe open space where she can run free & explore.
– Playing with one or two like-minded doggy friends.
– Nala loves a good solid daily routine with minimal changes.
– Pottering both indoors & outdoors with her person.

Things that upset Nala:
– Continous stimulus like passing vehicles, loud noises (fireworks, big trucks, etc).
– Loud dogs even though she is loud herself!
– Changes in her environment.
– Gets overwhelmed & overstimulated in the presence of too many dogs, especially ones not familiar to her.
– Gets frustrated when dogs ignore her demands to play.
– Has a strong aversion to being confined in her crate or kennel during the day. But she is happy to be left in the house or a safe area in the home.
– Nala does not enjoy leash walking in an urban area…it is too overwhelming & stressful for her so a safe quiet space to stretch her legs in her new home is a must.

Nala’s perfect home –
– Quiet rural property or lifestyle block.
– Owners who work from home or spend majority of their time at home.
– High secure fencing.
– Owners who are experienced with dogs especially working breeds.
– Owners who can be & will be understanding towards her special needs.
– Owners who are firm but kind.
– Nala will be happy being an only dog but she will also enjoy the company of a like-minded dog or a very laid back older dog. Nala’s best pal here is a 1yr old chocolate Labrador. Nala will not get on with any sensitive working breeds, particularly Border Collies.

Nala, without being exposed to her triggers, is such a good girl & easy to be around. She obeys basic commands but is so incredibly intelligent that she will pick up any new tricks or skills very quickly. All she wants is the love & security of an understanding home.