Beardie x, approx. 2yrs old

Nala is very affectionate, a quick learner and keen to please. She has made great progress in training so far – responding to her name, sit, lie down, wait, walking well on a lead, and travelling in a car for short trips. Her recall is a work in progress but she comes eagerly in controlled settings (back yard).

She has always been very friendly and excited to meet new people. She is very eager to please and loves getting pats and belly rubs from new human friends. We think she had very little to no socialisation with other dogs as a young pup and still has a bit of work to do in this space. She is very interested in meeting new dogs but can get overwhelmed and show submission and try to get distance if there are too many or they don’t respect her signals but once she has met them she very quickly takes a liking and desperately wants to play energetically with her new found friends. She has made progress in her meeting manners and has now learnt to sit and wait when other dogs are approaching but can get very excited and also upset if the other dogs don’t want to come meet her and play and she will bark as they leave or pass by, so still some work to do here.

Her most favourite thing is snuggles and pats and she will try to climb into your lap for maximum closeness despite her size.

During the time we have had her we have begun to develop a much better trust relationship with her and she is learning to listen and focus well but still has a lot of work and development to do in this space, she can get easily distracted by many things like birds and people passing by. She came to us with a lead/collar aversion and negative reactions to hands coming towards her (shying away etc), she has made significant improvement in this space too and has now learnt to trust hands that come towards her as a good thing although there is still some slight struggle with putting a lead on at times.

Nala will need an active home as she is a very active dog, she absolutely loves her walks and sniffs all the lovely smells she possibly can on the way, she’s pretty good at following a scent. She is very athletic and does well jumping the horse jumps at our local park, she would likely do well with agility style training, as she can jump very high and is very intelligent and quick to learn. This also means she will need to go to a home with very good fencing. Nala also likes water and will jump straight in, she does prefer swimming in calmer waters she’ll jump in the ocean but isn’t a great fan of going in too deep with the waves).

Nala will need an experienced owner(s) who can help her become the best dog she can. Her ideal home will be one which is nice and calm where she has lots of human companionship. Nala will try and chase cats or rabbits if she sees them so a home without cats is preferable.