Pongo is a collie, greyhound cross. He is an affectionate, loving dog. He loves being around people and is keen to please.

Being just one and a half years old he has spouts of puppy energy. If he gets a walk or play with a tug during these times he will chill out and entertain himself for a while- chewing on a bone or playing with his toys.

His favorite places to chill out are in a room where there are people, in his crate or in the back of the car during drives.

He knows basic commands such as sit, down, out (for out of the kitchen) and come. He has good recall and is toilet trained.

He is very intelligent and can use his smarts to get up to mischief. He has been known to sneak food off the bench so best to not leave food out where he can get to it.

He loves playing with other medium/ large breed dogs but chases cats and smaller dogs, so best to keep him on lead if they will be about in the same area. This is easily done as he walks nicely on the lead.

He needs a home with high fences due to his athletic build, and owners with patience who will give him time to adjust to their routine and settle into their home. He can seem very high maintenence at first but give him a few weeks and he will be good as gold.