Rocco is a very lovable and sweet boy who is now looking for his new home. Rocco is very smart and energetic. He loves the beach and has fab social skills and good recall. We are looking for a home where Rocco will have a lot of stimulation through daily bouts of decent exercise, training and games. We would prefer he go to a home with other dogs as he loves to play and gets a little stressed out when he is left home alone. When he is left alone he goes into a mild panic and he will try to escape, therefore he will be rehomed where the fencing is excellent (approx 6ft). Rocco is a quick learner and eager to please, he is motivated by food, is good on the lead and would make an excellent running partner. He is excitable when he greets you but is calm in the evening and loves a cuddle. At the moment he likes to chase cats but he’s a fast learner!