SKY is an 8 years old collie x.
Sky is one of the sweetest, cuddliest dogs I’ve ever met. The way to this girl’s heart is through cuddles. During the day she has become known for waltzing down the hallway and checking each bedroom for someone to give her pats, if a door isn’t fully open she is very efficient at using her nose to let herself in. She’s a very intelligent dog, she’s doing really well with her recall and we are working on a few other commands. We use hand signals as she is deaf. Having a deaf dog comes with quite a few advantages: she doesn’t care for fireworks, the vacuum cleaner or the neighbouring dogs barking. She is also immune to the sound of her own snores, and any swearing that usually follows her sitting on you to get your attention. She’s an absolute dream to walk on the lead, and does quite well with other dogs and our chickens. I would love to see her go to a home that could help her build up her muscle tone (the vet thinks she led a rather sedentary life before us) and try their best to keep up with her demands for attention.
PS – Sky has proved a real challenge to photograph as she never leaves your side!!!