SUMO – ON HOLD while we consider the significant number of applicants we have had for this pup.

🐢🌟 Introducing Sumo 🌟🐢

Sumo is not your ordinary pup – he’s an absolute sweetheart with a heart full of love, a butt that never stops wiggling, and a tail that never stops wagging. His irresistible charm will melt your heart, and his behaviour will make you fall in love at first sight. 😍

Here’s why you’ll fall head over paws for Sumo:

🐾 Sumo is a well-mannered and eager-to-please young pup. He excels at mealtime etiquette, understanding the concept of waiting for his food. When it comes to commands, Sumo is a quick learner and responds obediently to “no.” Additionally, he’s a pro at basic commands like sitting, lying, waiting for treats, jumping onto boxes and walking on a lead.

πŸ’• Sweet & Cuddly: Sumo’s middle name is “snuggle.” He’s a true sweetheart who can’t wait to curl up on your lap for endless belly rubs.

🎾 Fetch Master: If you’re up for a game of fetch, Sumo’s your MVP! He’ll chase that ball like it’s the most exciting thing in the world.

😺 Feline & Canine Approved Sumo is a social butterfly who gets along well with cats and dogs. He’s your instant ticket to playdates and paw-some adventures!

🚽 Potty Training Adventure: Sumo’s working on mastering the art of potty time. He’s super smart, but sometimes he’s not quite sure when and where to do his business. With a little patience and some training, Sumo will be house-trained in no time!

🐢 Act fast because Sumo’s ready to wiggle his way into your heart! Don’t miss out on this cuddlebug’s charm! 🐾❀️