Valor (known as Val) is a high energy boy who needs plenty of physical and mental stimulation- he loves to run and play and learn- because of his desire to run he needs an appropriate fully fenced 6ft yard otherwise he will jump. He has a soft short  coat that with regular brushing will keep his moulting to a minimum.
He is an incredibly sweet boy, very cuddly if you’ll let him.  He has a very serious face but his bounciness speaks volumes when he’s happy or excited.
He’s well trained with some basic commands- responding well to “sit”, “off”, “out”.  When it comes to his food “stay” sometimes needs one reminder but he still waits to be told it’s ok to eat.  He has great recall, and walks well on a short lead- He’s interested in seeing other dogs and is quite friendly with them- very happy playing at the dog park with dogs or running around by himself.
Val was quiet the first day we had him, but warmed to us quickly and has now made himself right at home.  Once he is encouraged in, he quickly settles into his crate at night- sometimes he needs some white noise to help him settle but he is improving quickly.
Val will be a wonderful companion to someone who can give him as much love as he gives them with adequate physical and mental stimulation- he would be fantastic at agility or obedience/ scent work. Because of his bounciness he will not be appropriate for a family with young children, and he has not been tested around cats