WHINNY NEEDS SOMEONE… Could it be you?
WHINNY is a 2 year old collie x girl and she has some very special needs, so please read her adoption story before you decide to enquire.
We rescued Whinny from the pound early last year. She had probably been through some sort of trauma as she was very scared of men. Whinny is so sweet and pretty and after spending some time learning to trust with her foster family she started to learn men weren’t so bad. Whinny was adopted out to a lovely family consisting of a mum, dad, 4 year old, fur sister and 2 cats. Everything has gone really well for Whinny except she has not been able to bond with the male in the house, fearfully pacing and being unable to settle when he is near.
She was able to bond with the male in her foster home and is okay with males that come to visit her family home now….it is just her poor dad she is scared of, we really feel for both of them! The family has tried anxiety medication and behavioural training to help her with her fear. Whinny does make some progress and then regresses back to being scared of poor old dad again. So the family has had to make the heart breaking decision to rehome Whinny and have asked us to help. Of course we said yes as we love Whinny to pieces and know how lovely she is!
This is what the family has to say. “Whinny is a very sweet but very anxious dog. She has been with us for a year. We think she needs a home where someone can be with her all day. She loves other dogs and kids. She likes to chase the cats but never hurts them. She loves chasing a ball but won’t always bring it back. She’s needs a family committed to helping her with her anxiety. She is on anti-anxiety meds. She loves cuddling on the couch. She will make a great family dog for the right family.”
So we are on the lookout for the PERFECT family for Whinny second time around. Please be aware that this will be a slow adoption process, you will need to spend time getting to know Whinny so that she can gain your trust before she can come to your house permanently.
We are looking for sensible and reliable owners that have a fairly calm home. A family where you are home during the day and have the time to spend with Whinny would be great. You can have kind kids and Whinny would LOVE it if you had another dog (as she find real security in other dogs). You family will need to be fairly active, Whinny needs daily exercise, she loves the beach and she will thrive in a home with good routine so she can relax into knowing what is happening in her day.
Whinny may prefer a home with no adult males (though we may reconsider this for the right male, Whinny would let us know how she felt). You need to be patient and understanding, loving, able to afford Whinny’s anxiety meds which cost around $50-$100 per month (which she can hopefully come off once she is settled).
If you can give Whinny a chance and some time then you will be rewarded with a loyal, smart, fun and extremely loving dog.