Introducing the very handsome Winston.

Winston is a 17 month old American bulldog x. This special boy is deaf. Whilst he doesn’t let it slow him down, he will need a home that’s willing to continue his hand command training. Luckily he is highly motivated by both food and attention, and is eager to please.

Winston is quite the ladies’ man and loves snuggling. He is very good on the lead and loves going out for walks. He usually ignores other dogs, or has a quick sniff and moves on. He would be perfect as your only dog or would be great with some buddies after a proper introduction. Winston has no trouble being left home alone, especially if he has a tasty bone to chew on. He loves to run and play and will occasionally even bring the ball back.

Winston is still a young boy so he can get pretty excited at times. A calm hand will be useful in his training as he settles quickly when the source of excitement is gone. Due to his deafness he can also startle when woken up or approached from behind. This usually isn’t a problem and just gives him a jump, but is worth watching with other dogs or children.

Winston is a truly gorgeous young boy with a heart of gold.