Well, it’s been around 6 months now and Meadow is my BFF!! Meadow is such a character, thinks that small dogs are toys and is convinced she can fly and that one day she will catch that darned elusive seagull that flies away at the very last minute!

Meadow has a best friend and partner in crime called Gus (boyfriend’s dog), they have crazy times playing together and egging each other on to do naughty things like checking out what sofas taste like (just the bottom bit, they took the seat cushions off first!). Along with playing, Meadow is still very fond of sleeping, snoring and farting (not necessarily in that order!). I’m trying to get her to “talk” to Dad on skype (he’s in England), but she doesn’t seem to hear him calling her down the technological highway! However, due to the times we skype Meds is normally either having her early morning after-breakfast snooze, or her evening after-playing-all-day snooze 🙂

I recently found out just how wonderful Meadow is at traveling – we went all the way to Christchurch on Boxing Day and she was just a dream! Meadow enjoyed time in the passenger seat with her nose pointed at the air con, and when cool enough she stretched out on the back seat with her Kong (best toy EVER) and slept.  Meadow then met two new dogs at the end of it, enjoyed two days of playing hard out with them and is very excited about the fact they’re moving to Dunedin next month – woohoo to more play dates!  I do try and keep Meadow entertained by learning new things…..we are currently learning that trellis fencing has not been put up in the garden to be pulled down.  We’re getting there with the help of some ply wood and distraction therapy (toys!). I still can’t believe how lucky I am to get such an awesome dog, life is definitely more interesting and there’s nothing better than the amazing welcome I get from Meds when I get home after work….sometimes it happens at my car door instead of when I get in the house where she is meant to be…..but we won’t dwell on that 😉

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