Dottie has fitted into our family life really well. Now at just about 7 months old the kids love her and the cats, well if they don’t love her they
have at least come to accept her! She loves people, other dogs and long walks, especially forest walks. She can run like the wind but now always comes when called. She is extremely good natured and we really are very lucky to have her.

On a side note we have a little story regarding her sister. A work colleague of mine looked after our Dottie while we were away for a weekend and she and her young son fell in love with her too. A few weeks later I saw a photo of a dog that was in the DCC pound and she was almost identical to Dottie. So much so that I was convinced she must be her sister as she was the same age too. I told my colleague who immediately went to see the dog and agreed that it must be from the same litter and subsequently adopted her. However her son was convinced that it was the same dog and was therefore called Dottie so he refused to have any other name – so there are now two dogs looking almost exactly the same and they are both called Dottie!

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