Finn joined our family a week before Christmas 2015, a five month old puppy. As for most people this was a busy time of the year.  This certainly was not one which reflected our usual daily routine so we felt it would be interesting to see how he coped.

Three adults live in our home along with Sophie and Tess our two dogs aged 10 years and 5 years respectively, weighing in at 6kg and 4 kg.  They are diminutive compared to the new arrival then 15kg. Over the next few days our three other children and their partners arrived, including our new grand-daughter and their dog Mae, 24kg. The house was busy. Finn took this all in his stride, literally and thrived on all the activity.

Typically a canine he adores food although he generally gulps this down as fast as possible. However I am not sure if walking/running is his number one love.  If not, it is a close second to food. Finn is happiest with the wind at his heels, the sun coming over the hills and we are either at 700 metres above sea level or wandering beachside. For every kilometre we do he will have often doubled this distance. Tess our smallest dog never used to go into the water; she has now become a water dog following Finn in the waves.

He is very gregarious, he loves company and is very friendly. The canine trio follow me everywhere.

We are not sure what genetic makeup Finn is, he’s long and lean with a loving face and the softest fur around his head and neck that its tactile pleasure giving him a pat or often a cuddle; he feels so good.

He has completed his first set of canine classes as we aim to get him to “Mind his Manners” and we learn more of dog psychology. He has just begun a second series of classes. As with all young animals (dogs and humans) he has his moments. He ate an entire Christmas cake in the Christmas week which included a cup of Brazil nuts and Walnuts and an exclusive mixture of Dried Fruit. In the last week he has destroyed three large boxes of tissues but fortunately no shoes or clothes have hit the dust. On hot days he prefers to inhabit the space beneath curtains.

We look forward expectantly as we develop close and happy relationship with him and he learns to be a well-adapted and obedient dog.

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