A call from DRD just after Xmas heralded the imminent arrival of our first foster dog.
I had not wanted to foster a puppy but an older dog…I was determined that I was not going to fail as a fosterer…I had tried it with Cat Rescue and the kitty is still here! But the dog in need was a PUPPY!…Yay….that was never going to stay. House-training, chewing, mess. This time I definitely knew I could enjoy her and pass her on. It helped that she was identified by us, the vet and others as a SharPei cross. The few Sharpeis I have met have made me wary so that was another reason she was going to move on. The next dog to join our menagerie had so many boxes to tick. Confidence grew. I could do this!

We met…funny looking, very skinny girl who had obviously been badly treated. Her ribs were evident yet she would not eat her first meal while I watched. She cowered in the corner. So sad, but we had the cure, love and Robbie, our big rescued lab/boxer cross. It was love at first sight. For the past months he had helped nurse our old Dalmatian. Now he had someone to play with.

She flourished….after a week I knew I had failed again! but kept optimistic. Asked the man to help me write about her for the adoption page. ” Give me three words to describe puppy” I said. He had been a reluctant fosterer so I was surprised that he responded with….” Affectionate, intelligent and curious…why? You’re not! You wont get a better dog than this one.” ( She happened to be in the bedroom at the time….usually a no no for the dogs!) and he had already named her. That was the biggest tick. He liked her…So Hazelnut Diptoe Snugglebum joined Robbie, Rumpuss Paddlepaws ( kitty) Zeke ( horse) five alpacas and three free range hens, all of whom she loves, plays with and shows a sweetness towards that is amazing.

We love her to the moon and back. However it is not all smooth sailing. Robbie taught her on day two that toys were not for snuggling but destroying…easy lesson! fences are a challenge to be conquered and troughs are not for drinking but playing in. Chickens eat mash..yummy for naughty dogs too. She is very smart and is learning good things as well…cars can be fun and not a reason to run and hide…her recall is 100%, she sits and waits for food and walks beautifully on her lead. However she is slower to learn that she shouldn’t jump up to show her love.

She is a star. A gentle, grateful, loving soul that we are so lucky to have met. She treats all creatures with respect, doesn’t join Robbie chasing rabbits and we always know where she is, somewhere she can see us. Yet, put out in the barn to bed she sleeps all night and has never made a noise until morning. She ticks all the boxes and more. Thank you DRD. You have made our fanimaly complete.

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