Jacey (aka Dashing)

This is our baby Dashing (Dash), she is our first dog and was around 5 months old when we got her.  She was previously named Jacey and we thought ‘new beginnings/new name’ & one day the name Dashing just came to mind, it means “attractive, adventurous and full of confidence”- Perfect – Just like her!   Some would say she was the lucky one, but seriously we feel like we won the dog jackpot! We are definitely the lucky ones! She is the sweetest pup ever, we absolutely love her to bits along with her 7 & 5 year old human brother and sister who just adore her. She is such a good girl, hardly ever up to mischief and constantly wanting to please.   Dad takes her for walks most mornings & runs most evenings along with the Dog park.  When her lead comes out…she instantly puts on her best behaviour!  While she loves her walks & runs, socialising with other Dogs is where its all at!    When we first got her we were told she got car sick…for the first couple of car rides it was a struggle to get her in the car, often requiring us to pick her up and put her in.  Now she knows the car is a ‘good thing’ it means possibly going on an adventure or spending time with the family rather than being home alone, so now as soon as she hears the car keys rattle she’s the first one lining up to get in the car!   She is very gentle, loves a good snug, is constantly trying to sit on top of us and she has helped me get over my hate of “dog hair” -I now know  I’d rather have Dash and her dog hair than no Dash at all!   Her relationship with our 2 (old) cats are interesting…..we really believe Dash thinks they are mini dogs,  so she is constantly trying to play with them – much to their disgust, she is also very jealous of them,  if one of our cats tries to approach any of us Dashing is also there like lightening!   After all these months I still don’t think she has realised yet that they are in charge!

Dashing recently graduated from the Canine Companion Course.   We were so proud of her and  with each course we all went and supported her as a family.  Along with Dash, and Dashing, she also has 2 other nick names 1) Dash Baby and the other which also requires us singing it is “Dashing Ba Ba, Dashing Ba baba Ba” – followed by her vigorously shaking her butt and wagging her tail almost like she is dancing!!   We’ve never seen a dog shake her butt and wag her tale so much!!   Other people often comment on this along with people telling us how cute she is, and cute she definitely is!  

We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas with our Dash Baby and spoiling her!   And her first Christmas is probably going to involve wearing some sort of elf outfit!
We would like to take this time to thank her Foster family and wanted to let them know she still has and plays with her Bunny that she came with, her bunny is the only toy she has never destroyed and is pretty much still in one piece!!  Thanks Dog Rescue also for introducing us to her, she is more than part of the family now and we couldn’t imagine one second without her and her cute little happy out of control wagging butt!!

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