Hi DRD It’s Jazzy here everything is going so well at my new home I absolutely love going for adventures whenever mum & dad say beach or walkies I’m at the front door tail wagging, sitting there waiting patiently for us 3 to go out to the car. On my adventures I enjoy running into the ocean to catch some waves or to chase some seagulls away, playing fetch & just walking enjoying the sun. When I’m at home I love to sleep oh and of course chew the occasional slipper & gym shoe that mum accidentally left lying around.

I always like to make sure mum & dad are awake for work by licking their faces & trying to get my belly rubbed (which they ALWAYS give in to.) Since I’m so good at my commands and listening I get to sleep on the bed with them, oh how life is good! But my favorite part of my day is when my mum and dad come home from work and we’re all sitting together on the couch watching TV.

I’m so happy that you guys kept me under your wing to help me find my forever home. Thanks heaps DRD.

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