Hi i’m Leo! I am so happy to have found my forever home with Brooke and Ross.
I get to spend my time playing in the garden, watching the people walk past the house and playing with my toys. I go out on a walk every day! When I’m on a lead, I just get so excited and want to sniff and play with everyone I meet. I like to think to myself as a bird hunter and I try and get any birds I see.
One of my favourite places is the Kew Dog Park and the Rotary Dog Park. I like to make friends with all the big dogs I meet there. I also like to chase all the dogs and play fight. I have even been learning to come back to Brooke and Ross at the dog park. Sometimes, we go in the car to different places. We even walked up a mountain the other day!
Brooke and Ross are really nice to me. I’ve learnt my name, to sit, stay, lay down, high-five, shake and spin. When I do these things, they give me a treat. When they give me my dog bik, I wait for them to say good boy. I love showing them how clever I am.
Sometimes, different people come to my house. I like to show them I live here by barking really loud. When they come in the door, I like to run up and sniff them to make sure they’re ok. Once I’m convinced they’re a nice person, I will show them i’m a good boy by trying to sit on their lap or putting my slobbery chops on their knees.
Its been really cold recently and I love laying in front of the fire. At night, I sleep in my dog bed…sometimes I jump onto Brooke and Ross’ bed and hope they don’t wake up and kick me off.
Thank you to Jen from DRD and Pippa my foster mum for looking after me before I found my forever home. I love my new life!

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