Hi Lexi here, or Lexi Lu as the parents like to call me.  My mum was asked to write something about my success story … Well hello whose success story?? There is NO way I’m leaving that to the parents; I can just image what they’d tell.  So here’s MY story …

Somehow I managed to get myself in the pound – what a week, no mater how much I wagged my tail and gave them the big brown eye routine I wasn’t going anywhere, that is until I met my bestest friend ever Keryn!  Keryn found me a nice little posse with Kate and her gang I was with Kate for a little while, while DRD found me a foster home that could deal with my poorly ears.  That’s how I came to live near the beach with strange people.  One look at these people and I just knew I had to put them through their paces.   It’s amazing how small a gap I can squeeze through and how high I can jump but like a bad penny I keep coming back, they think I should stay in the gardens, but there are some wonderful smells around the paddocks and I just know today will be the day that I actually catch one of those pesky rabbits!  I can’t always get back the way I got out, but I know I just have to go to into the sheep paddock and wait by the big gate and someone always comes and gets me.  I don’t chase sheep and I’m always pleased when Mum or Dad came and let me out – Dad isn’t always smiling tho!

It hasn’t all been sunshine and butterflies they found out that I get really worried when I’m on the lead and see other dogs on leads; I used to get really, really stressed but the lovely DRD people got Helena to work with me and my mum and I’m getting better slowly.  I get very excited when mum gets my lead out but when we start walking down the road I still get a tad anxious but with Helena’s help we know what to do to make me feel better.

I’ve nearly got Mum and Dad trained, I know if I’ve had enough sitting outside in my armchair or cushion I only need to start whingeing at the back door or the front door someone will always let me inside, I prefer the summer when the doors are open all day!  There are plenty of beds around inside the house too.  Breakfast and supper is always on time and don’t forget the treats when Mum and I get up in the morning.  Mum is a bit mean she won’t let me bring my bones inside the house, but I’m allowed to bring in my toys.  Russ, that’s my brother, and I love to run up and down the stairs like mad things chasing one another, Mum and Dad just laugh.

All in all its pretty cool living here – I wouldn’t say I’ve finished putting them through their paces, I’m sure I will still be able find a few speed bumps for them to hit, but wouldn’t life be boring if everything always went smoothly.

Thanks DRD for taking me out of the pound – Keryn you will always be my favourite person and I love you to bits!

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