Well we have had Mocha for a month now here in Rotorua, she has settled in very well, pretty much made herself at home since she got here, and lost all her Dunedin cold weather coat!! I didn’t think short hair dogs had soo much to loose haha. We initially had concerns about how she would be with our baby girl, she is amazing, so gentle and affectionate, very tolerant with lots of cuddles and kisses.

Mocha is at home by herself from 7am till 12pm she adjusted well to this, just chills out in the sun or in her kennel and beyond excited when either Kate or I come home.

She loves the forest, we walk out there most nights, iv taken her on a few bike rides, I am impressed with how great she is, well behaved, amazing recall and she follows the bike like she has always done it. Better than most old dogs out there. Everyone comments on how beautiful  she is and how nice her coat is, she is a lovely dog, I’m glad we have her.

All in all we are very happy. After our dog died Mocha has slotted into our lives like the missing puzzle piece.  She is great with everybody we meet and most important good with our little girl.

We appreciate and acknowledge the work the DRD foster homes and staff have put in for her to be able to find her forever home.

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