Sweet Mae was adopted by a lovely Queenstown family around a month ago. Orla (nearly 9 years old) wrote a story for us about how Mae has fitted in with their family…

Mae’s Story
When we first got Mae she didn’t seem to worry and wasn’t scared at all. In fact she was right into it. We were throwing the tennis ball and scratching her tummy, it seemed like she was right at home. However one day when we got home it was pretty funny, she had dug out all the dirt from a plant pot, chewed 4 of mum’s magazines, chewed the cord off a mouse and broke mum’s sunglasses.You couldn’t blame her, she hadn’t been for a walk in ages because of her surgery.
She loves going for walks and is very fast considering she has a birth defect on her left back foot. Sometimes she will get into bed with you like once she got right under the covers and snuggled right up next to me.
By Orla Cox
Edited By Mike Cox
Also, attached a photo of Mae and I off for a drive. There is a bell that chimes in the car if it thinks there is someone in the seat, but the seatbelt is not fastened. So this was the obvious solution 🙂



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