Maliah (now known as Mali) has fitted right into our little family. Her and Odie have become the greatest of mates – one of Mali’s favorite games is for Odie to chase her around the yard. We think she enjoys this so much as she is far too much of a hoon for him to catch her on his little beagle legs. We joke that Mali is our racehorse and Odie our Clydesdale. Mali LOVES big long walks which include sticks and water – she has become a real water baby swimming out to anything she can see in the lake to check them out – sticks, ducks, buoys. Mali has been working hard at puppy school and has mastered all the basic commands although heal is still a challenge she continues to work on. Full of life and a joy to us all we just adore our special girl and we feel very lucky that we have been able to give her a forever home.

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