From the first day of seeing Jax picture on Dog Rescue Dunedin we knew he was going to be perfect for our little family.  We already have a wee pup named Mia, Mia is an English Staffy who is quite boisterous and full on all the time. We were looking for a mate to keep her company while were at work during the day.
After talking with Michelle we decided to make the three and half hour trek from Wanaka to Dunedin to meet Jax.
Mia and Jax did not seem too fussed on each other when they first met, they were both more interested with the other dogs at the Dog Park and chasing their ball back and forth.  We decided that a trial would be a good start and kept our fingers crossed that Mia and Jax would soon become life long buddies. Within an hour after being in the car they were cuddled up next to each other both covered in mud and snoring their heads off.
Jax soon proved to be quite some work, Jax had No recall whats so ever and his training on lead was very minimal.  Jax took great pleasure in squeezing between your legs and hoofing it down the drive with no return once the gate was open. They only thing we could do to get Jax to come back was to bribe him with a ride in the car and he would come flying back.  After a month of lead training and lots of treats Jax is walking well on his lead, he also comes back everytime when called.   Because Jax is a Lab cross treats have been a hit with this training, He has learnt to have some self control. He is still a guts when it comes to food but has learnt he must sit and wait to be told before he can eat. Having a another dog eating at the same time has had its testing times but Jax now waits for Mia to be given her bowl before he gets his and does not try to steal her food anymore.
Mia is a very affectionate pup and loves to give kisses and cuddles and we were hoping that Jax would be the same. No doubt he has filled those shoes well and he is currently snuggled on my shoulder having a snooze while I write this. (Pic attached)
The pair are inseparable now and hate being apart, they share a kennel and sleep in a large crate together every night.
Both Jax and Mia love the water, Jax was a little confused the first time we took him to the lake he was not sure what to do. He soon realised that sitting and watching Mia fetch the stick in the water  was not his idea of fun. Now Jax fetches the stick and Mia waits till he brings it back in for her. Typical woman!   Jax has fitted in really well with a our lil family and we could not imagine life without Jax now.
Thank You Dog Rescue Dunedin for giving Jax and second chance and giving us the greatest gift of Joy and Happiness.
Our lil family is now complete and Jax has found his forever home and new best puppy pal!
You guys do an amazing job!
Thank You again,
Matt, Haylee, Mia and Jax

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