Hi DRD….its Missy aka Mistique! Things are going very well here at my new home! They walk me everyday and I get lots of loves and food! Oh I love food! ..I have 4 kids to hang with the littlest one is my favorite I follow her all the time she takes me outside and plays dollys with me and sometimes I just watch …I also sleep with her every night to make sure those gastly guinea pigs don’t get out and wake her up!. The other kids are cool and love me but the littlest one is special. I also have 3 cats …..mmmmm they are ok as long as I don’t look at them. The fat white one pretends she wants to have a go at me but it’s just pretend I think. The other 2 mostly ignore me. So now I’ve settled in I decided to show off my tricks! I don’t know that anyone knew I could do them but I sit, I shake hands, I lay down and roll over ….for a extra treat I will dance! They were so excited and said I was super smart! That made me feel great so for my next trick I showed them how I could open the door and get in the shower with the littlest one….mum laughed a little bit then seemed a bit grumpy I think it was because the littlest one got out of the shower and shook water everywhere!! It wasn’t me!. ….Anyways I have to go mum as a headache and I’m keeping her company on the couch today. Thank you DRD you rock! I love my new home thank you for taking the time to find it for me.

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