In September 2016 we happened across “Nico”, a 10 year old entire bullmastiff on Facebook who had somehow found his way into the Dunedin Pound. As an old dog he was very lucky to have been kindly been fostered by Felicity from the Dog Rescue Dunedin as older dogs are often not popular for rehoming especially big entire ones such as the lovely Nico. After a few weeks realizing that no-one else was going to step in we decided that he had better come and enjoy his retirement years here on the farm in Auckland with our pack of beloved hounds. Lets be honest we have a soft spot for old dogs and bullmastiffs – he was meant to be!!! After several phone calls and emails with the amazing people at Dog Rescue Dunedin we made arrangements and Nico made the massive trip north to Auckland thanks to Owl and Cool Critters Transport. Owl fell in love with the gorgeous old man – a true gentleman and completely irresistible. Dog Rescue Dunedin were fabulous to deal with the entire way through the process of adopting this handsome man, and after his big road trip he quickly settled into life on the farm with his new fur family consisting of 2 year old bullmastiff sisters Bailey and Pebbles and his absolute new best friend, tiny Boston Terrier Iti. His true personality continues to come out as he feels more and more at home, and he couldn’t believe his luck that we are a household who welcomes pets on furniture (he was previously very polite about this, but seeing his new sisters flopping all over the furniture he quickly claimed the couch as his own). He has the most amazing personality and despite being quite arthritic he still loves heading out for a walk through the orchard and laying on the ground playing ever so gently with little Iti. We are so lucky to have the privilege of sharing our lives with this extraordinary man and his larger than life personality and can’t thank Dog Rescue Dunedin enough for saving this sweet man. Arnaud and Wendy Majoor Landseer Stud



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