Oscar here! Back in April I first met the team at Dog Rescue Dunedin when I was hanging out at the

DCC. They took my photo, so I was a good boy! Little did I know my foster mum had been dog sitting a shar pei just like me and requested to foster me!

My first day out I got to go to the vet and they told me I needed some treatment. Then I was off to my foster home. I ran around and humped everyone to say hi. Apparently I smelt a bit bad but I wanted hugs anyway.

After weeks of washes and treatments and food I felt great. Foster mum did lots of training with me, I already knew “sit” and “wait”. I have learnt “down”, “roll”, “high five” and “peekaboo”.

Then my foster mum gave me good news, I was being adopted! And even better… I get to stay!! We did a trial period and I listened lots. I listen better when mum has food in her hand. I don’t dribble and I don’t bark unless there is something really exciting. I still get very excited when I get to go anywhere, so we are working on that. We even went on an adventure to the top of the South Island. I was very well behaved in the car and I got to meet lots of new people and dogs.

Mum and I both love to run and hike so we do loads together. And I love cuddles, I cuddle everyone!

Thank you Dog Rescue Dunedin! You have given me a wonderful home and family who loves me more than anything.


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