Taz aka (Pip) came to live with us over the Christmas break. From the moment she entered our house she instantly made it her home, she found her spot in the lounge to sleep and now has her own bed there. If she’s not running around the garden or curled up at your feet she can
always be found on her bed laying on her back waiting for someone to rub her belly. Taz is a very affectionate and very loyal dog after only being with us for such a short time, she always makes sure she never goes out of view when out walking and if you try to hide she will
come looking for you. Taz loves the company of children and will play for hours with other dogs she has show and continues to show absolutely no aggression wrongly associated with the Staffy breed, her biggest danger is that she may try to lick your skin off. She loves the beach and
going for a swim, her favorite game is tug of war with her rope toy and if sniffing was an Olympic sport she’d be up for the gold medal as nothing gets past her nose without having a good sniff first. Taz is firmly one of the family now and will be forever.

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