Hi! I’m Roxy, the one with the red collar and that’s my adoptive sister, Chrissie. We hang out together a lot, on the deck in the sun, exploring the garden, in the car, meeting visitors,and of course on our favourite beach and forest walks. Our mum used to be my foster mum but now I’m a forever dog. I still practise my gate jumping skills and I’m very good at getting through fences when I’m chasing rabbits, but I don’t go far from home because Mum likes to know where I am! Chrissie and I are both good at telling Mum when someone is coming but I’m the one that lifesaves Mum when she goes swimming at the beach. ( Mum says she doesn’t need to be lifesaved, but I don’t like her going out too deep in the waves!) I do enjoy my dinner but I haven’t forgotten how to find interesting things to eat for myself. Mum says I’ve got a cast iron stomach and things like chocolates and banana cakes are not healthy dog food! Thank you Dog Rescue for looking after me when I was really down on my luck and finding me a happy home and new family, and especially thank you Keryn . I love coming to see you when Mum has to go away. Lots of love from Roxy.

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