Just over a year ago, DRD welcomed Bella’s 7 gorgeous puppies into the world 🙂 Here are some words from Sheena’s (formally Pixie) new family…

Sheena (formerly known as Pixie) has been a rambunctious addition to our home. At first our older dog didn’t know what to make of an 8 week old puppy but Sheena’s exuberance, persistence, and friendliness finally won him over. She’s keeping him young with her playful antics.

She’s the kind of dog who needs quite a lot of exercise and her favorite activity is going to the dog park. The more dogs the better as she wants to chase and wrestle everyone there. She’s also very sweet and affectionate so getting to meet all the humans at the park is priority number two. When not at the park, she loves walking trails around Dunedin, chewing huge bones, and recuperating by the fire.


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